Average Joe and exceptional Arthur are both tasked to fill a bucket with water using only what they have on them. Arthur always carries a bowl with him, it’s an old family tradition his mom taught him. Joe has only his shirt.

Arthur fills the bucket after only three trips to the river. Elated with the easy completion in record time he heads off to celebrate.

Joe slogs on in the midday sun, day after day, wringing every last drop of water the cloth can soak up. After three days, Joe notices that he is making headway, but only slightly more than the harsh sun evaporates.

At the end of the week, Arthus returns to find his bucket empty, having evaporated. Joe’s bucket was finally full and covered with the same shirt.

We are wired to celebrate, copy, and make famous performances that blow our minds. Meanwhile, so many average Joe’s deliver performances just under the exceptional for entire lifetimes.

We imitate what we celebrate.

Consistent performance will always outperform one-hit wonders. It might just take a lifetime for others to see it.
Bruno Martins

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