As we go through life and build businesses we face tough questions, problems, and situations. Over time we solve it. We create methodologies, processes and principles.

These are mental short-cuts of sorts.

They help us to use our mental capacity efficiently. We only have the ability to consciously think of so many things at once. Creating shortcuts imprints the solution into our subconscious behaviour freeing up our mental capacity for new challenges.

Meanwhile, some of these solutions decrease in its effectiveness – the market is disrupted, the decision-maker at a large client leaves, millennials enter the workforce and management.

These new challenges pass unnoticed because they were ticked off the to-do list a long time ago.

Just because we run on well-researched and proven methodology from yesteryear does not mean we are immune to development in scientific understanding.

Just because we did something this way in the past, does not mean it will work forever.

Perhaps part of our risk management should be to investigate underlying assumptions we believe to be infallible.

Everything changes with time.

Samuel Zeller

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