You never want to call them out. It is great to have one when you need it.

The tricky part is knowing when to call them.

The ideal is to bring them in when the threat is imminent. High-risk locations err to the side of caution, like airports, embassies and other political or populated areas. This makes them, vulnerable to hoaxes sure, but the cost of calling it wrong is high enough to justify the costs.

Then there are low-risk areas, places we never expect bombs to go off. Places where things are going well, your business and product rage, your customer relationships, your union relations or your health. These places might be so low on the radar that we don’t even consider the possibility of explosive devices.

Learning to recognise the need for experts is the most valuable skill you could learn as an entrepreneur.

So is learning when a shoebox is just that…

Jens Johnsson

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