We live in a world where uniqueness and individuality are valued and celebrated. This is a great leap in preserving and respecting the dignity of every person. If left unchecked, however, it can spiral out of reason.

As an individual, I will agree and disagree with many other individuals. This is a fact of life. It becomes a challenge when your principles encroach on my ability to express my individuality, or when my expression of individuality negatively affects your ability to do the same.

In a society (collection of people living together in a more or less ordered community), the odds of our expressions getting in each other’s spaces are certain. The solutions are usually ubiquitous principles and behavioural standards or highly individualistic, subdued and disconnected societies.

None of the above is realistic in an increasingly connected global village.

Offense will be taken.

Perhaps it is more useful to consider principles not as that which we define as right and wrong, but rather, that which we define as good for me vs bad for me or useful vs not useful. It’s a personal worldview that informs an individuals interpretation and consideration of all the variables. This enables successful navigation according to the end goal the person deems as worthy.

Our end goals are not the same, hence our interpretation frameworks won’t be the same either. There are unity and relationship in that, as long as we don’t force end goals on one other.

Appreciate difference.

Don’t compromise.

Cristian Newman

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