It’s the training and the commitment that sets you up for success. The early mornings and late nights dedicated to the goal. The market research and planning get the business going.

It looks easy when we only consider the end result. It’s the behind the scenes footage that makes the show possible. The seemingly insignificant, arbitrary and boring stuff is all the ingredients required to create amazing culinary masterpieces.

One of the most rewarding lessons we could ever learn is not to copy those who were successful before us, but understanding why.

It’s appealing to suggest and seek out a duplicatable, scalable, repeatable model for success. It’s also wrong. It undermines the principles of competitive advantage compromising sustainability. It creates an open market that dilutes profits and leaves most players marginally successful.

When we understand what happens behind the scenes, the competitive advantage becomes clear.

It’s the work you do when everyone else is sleeping.

Joel Muniz

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