An organisation is born not when we register a company, but when we give it a purpose. At that moment a new entity is created. It possesses intelligence that will increase (process intelligence). It has a dream for its future (vision) and a character (values).

The implications of creating such an entity are that the entrepreneur becomes an agent of such an entity. Whenever you act on behalf of this entity, you represent its value system, serve its purpose and pursue its dream.

By implication, if the entrepreneur, CEO, founder or any other acronym operates in contravention of this entity, such an individual has become a parasite and should be removed.

This offers your business the greatest chance of survival. It also offers your business the opportunity to transcend its creator.

Most businesses don’t achieve this, partly because they are never given their own identity, they are merely systemic representations and duplications of the founders. That will only ever get you so far.

No-one ever became influential by living someone else’s dream.

Josh Appel

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