There is a unique appeal to something that used to be forbidden. Open access creates the allure and excitement generated by the looming potential.

People flock to it. Everyone wants a piece of the action. Enter Michael Porter. The market floods and profit margins even out. Not to worry, we can reignite the growth curve, let’s just package it differently.

We will make energy drinks, or tea, or extract or whatever iteration we can find that capitalises on the market bubble.

That’s unfortunately what it creates. There is a lag between market adoption and market education. This is the ‘fad’ phase. It ends quite quickly, especially in today’s information-rich age.

You can sell stuff with the label and none of the actual benefits, but only briefly.

Great if you are able to use this as a launchpad to something more sustainable. Sadly, most businesses that engage in these fads are in it for a quick buck.

Rinse and repeat.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to offer sustainable, valuable, unique products that enrich our lives instead?

Kimzy Nanney

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