Does it exist?

We get so stuck reinventing, reinterpreting and reframing. Making old things new is creative and common. Beyond this, we find creativity that expands the boundaries. It lives on the fringes increasing the field of play.

Accessing it requires interpretations of that which lies just beyond our reach. It’s a leapfrog in the area where we see momentum increasing. It’s inevitable. Our creativity gets us there sooner.

Then, there is the truly way-out creativity. The expressions not accommodated within any frame of reference. We cannot define it. We have no category, no language and no subject matter to impose.

Such creativity is challenging and scary. It creates uncertainty. It shifts our paradox. It forces us to acknowledge the inadequacy of our existing frame of reference.

This is the beginning of a new paradigm. This is revolutionary.

This is rare.

Sharon McCutcheon

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