It’s so easy to access information. It’s at our fingertips, instant and free. We can learn on the go with just in time knowledge. All we need is a basic understanding of what it is we need to know but don’t and where to look for it.

This is useful when we require knowledge.

Understanding is something different altogether. Understanding is harder to find or access. It’s not explicit and notarised. It’s implied and tacit. It is housed in the heads, hearts, and hands of experts. Understanding is earned through experience and repetition.

Certainly, some of it can be absorbed through videos and lessons. It is foolish to expect your skills to match in 30 minutes of videos that of an expert earned over years.

Is what you don’t know a question of information or application?

Application increases consequences. When it’s important enough, get the expert.

Armchair psychology is great for your relationship advice, it’s not useful when dealing with schizophrenia.

 Daniele Levis Pelusi

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