The challenge with one more is the law of diminishing returns. When we have only done something once, doing one more is a 100% increase. From the third, returns exponentially decrease.

This quickly creates the impression that one more is less worth it. So we stop. We stop at good enough.

What if we didn’t? What if we kept going, kept improving. Kept exploring and finding new ways. Kept refining our approach. Sure, we would not get exponential returns any more.

The returns we do get, the small increases that we earn with a significant investment in time, create significant returns. Because initially, returns are easy, most people and companies do them. Cost-benefit analysis teaches us to do so.

The really brilliant stuff, the differentiators, are earned, by the one more.

We never know which one more will be the one. Don’t give up before you do.

Crissy Jarvis

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