Few experiences match the thrill of great co-working relationships. The partnership just works. Everyone benefits. We achieve exponential returns. We have unlocked synergy.

The result of our efforts is greater than the sum of the individual parts. We complement and enhance the contributions we all make. Something as rare an precious as this deserves to be protected and maintained.

Usually though, once we achieve synergy, we automatically start wondering if we can’t get even more. How do we hack this to accelerate these already impressive yields? Greed.

It’s a virus that first infects our perspective. We see that which we do not yet possess, or that which we must offer up in pursuit of our objectives.  As soon as it infects one party, the synergy value is destroyed. We cannot be greater than our parts.

I am no longer satisfied to share the benefits of our mutual achievements. I want more.

The end result is usually the same. You get more.

But now the pie is smaller.

Dlanor S

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