It is achieved when we accurately align our organisational reality with our internal structure. This requires a thorough understanding of our strategy and the drivers that ensure successful execution on those objectives.

When we are in the start-up phase with limited market traction and brand recognition we require an aggressive sales engine to drive penetration and growth. Achieving this result requires a very specific, entrepreneurial skills set. It requires salespeople who are able to operate in green fields.

In this case, congruence will require very specific recruitment guidelines. Experienced and successful sales staff will not do. They need to be as effective and motivated in chaos, selling in a build-measure-learn cycle. They need to be comfortable and effective in a pioneering phase.

Such sales staff will not be attracted by packages designed for established businesses where you develop and grow existing portfolios. We need to rethink the salary structure to ensure we attract the type of individual who will be an asset in the pursuit of our objectives.

By not translating our current reality into our internal structure, we cause incongruence between our objectives and our behaviours, skill sets, rewards and competencies.

This happens mostly because it’s cheaper to use the ‘industry standard’ than develop our own. Or simply because the industry-standard follows us as we recruit from the industry and we implement things that “worked in the past”.

Your business is unique.

Congruence is how you honour that.

Waranont (Joe)

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