The principle is simple: Sell more than you consume. Doing so produces more revenue than you require to maintain or scale your operations. This unlocks the virtuous cycle of even more sales and even more capacity.

This hack rest on two levers.

One: Sell more. This usually presents catch 22. You cannot sell more than you can deliver. There are ways around this problem. If scale or capacity is holding you back, use the excess from someone else. If you look long and hard enough, you will find someone who will be more than happy to fill your capacity shortfalls. This eases up the capital investment and the long term commitment this requires. Sure, you may sacrifice some of the profit up front, but you shoulder much less risk. It’s worth it.

Two: Use less. The less you consume, the less you need to produce to enter the virtuous cycle, to begin with. This is an often neglected opportunity. It’s counter-cultural. It doesn’t shout success as loudly. That may be so, but business graveyards are full of start-ups that raised their voices plenty. This includes not only business expenses, but as founders, keeping your salaries as low as possible. You will be rewarded in the long term.

It’s true, these two principles are simple, but not easy.

Paying attention to it will get you across the line much faster, and much more often.

Austin Distel

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