My social media exposed me to two very different ads today. The first was by a digital marketing company. It was a one frame comic of two people talking. “How do I get more people to engage with my social media marketing?” “Make a spelling mistake.”

As funny and sad as that may be, it’s quite true. This was proved by the second ad. It was by a cycling lifestyle company. The ad asked, “Are you a cyclist over 30?” It was accompanied by a photo of a guy pushing his bike up a hill. This was followed by a request to like the page for updates, nutrition, etc.

The number of comments on this ad was spectacular. They followed along these lines. “I’m over 30 now, guess I need to learn to push my bike up marginal inclines.” “Oh wow, I feel very targetted.” “The seat post is so high on that bike, no wonder the guy is pushing. No way he can even get on.” “That seat post must be past the max limit.”

Turns out the first ad was right.

Unfortunately, comments don’t lead to likes, follows or customers. (Turns out all publicity is not good publicity.)

Sure, we are able to target our audience in uncomfortably specific ways.

That helps very little when your customer knows more about your product than you do.

Know your customer.

Aaron Sebastian

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