In music, the first instrument usually plays the melody or the more advanced piece of music. The role is thus reserved for the most accomplished player in the orchestra.

Playing second fiddle then, by definition means, you are not the best. You are runner up. You are good but not great. These are the connotations we usually place on the term.

The reality is, the presence of the second fiddle, the supportive music, is what differentiates a solo artist from an orchestra. Violins playing the melody will never fill a room the same way. The differentiator, in this case, is the seemingly insignificant, lesser gifted performer.

It does not matter how good of a first fiddle you play if you are unable to sell a second fiddle on your dream, you may be increadible, but you will not be an orchestra.

Understanding the value of the second fiddle is the first step to being willing to play the role, and the first step to creating an impressive musical presence.

Great leaders know how to follow. They support and empower someone else’s dream.

Perhaps it’s worthwhile learning to support before you expect to lead.

Manuel Nägeli

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