We are all confronted with them in one way or another. There is only one true inevitability that faces us all. It cannot be circumvented or ignored. Death.

Still, after all these ages we don’t like to talk about it. There is something about its finality that weighs heavy on us. It stands as an accuser asking us to prove the significance of our lives. Measured against its weight, few attempts seem praiseworthy.

So, instead of discussing it and exploring it, we ignore it or spend our lives trying to circumvent it.


The potential of science and human achievement aside, it begs an important question. What is it about death that is so hard to accept? Why is it, that after centuries of this most basic of inevitabilities of the human condition, we are unable to find positive closure on the topic?

Acceptance is only possible in the context of purpose. Purpose is the yardstick against which we measure impact, value, and significance. In the absence of purpose, want for a yardstick leaves us clutching at straws searching for needles of value.

The lifecycle of your business runs the same course. Life is only sustained when purpose is relevant. The ability to recognise and accept the decrease in relevance is the most powerful ability an entrepreneur can possess.

Most businesses are born to die. The wisdom to distinguish the timeline is the accolade of great entrepreneurs.

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