They are useful in attracting attention. It’s a tool we use to achieve critical mass. In gathers support and increases awareness. This drives entirely the agenda of the person organising the parade. The length, staying power and value of the bandwagon you climb on is predetermined. Once the route is complete and the set is finished, the bandwagon is disassembled.

Why do we get on it? Usually for very different, personal reasons. As a result, bandwagons evolve, not in original intent, but in the perceptions of the growing support. The story gains colour and nuance for every person that joins. The ones who shout loud gather even more support on the basis of their perception.

Are we on the right bandwagon for the right reason? Did our bandwagon get sidetracked into a different direction that is no longer in line with our intended destination?

Just because something makes noise does not mean it has value. Just because it garners the support of seeming multitudes does not make it successful.

Feel free to get on any bandwagon you like, or create one. Just make sure you understand where it’s going, and why.

 Simon Rae

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