It’s when we attempt to justify our current realities. We conjure up excuses. We shift focus. We abdicate responsibility. So does everyone else.

We are fooled into thinking this behaviour is normal. It’s not. Normal behaviour is defined by the default setting. That which is not taught but comes naturally. Kids are inquisitive. They discover. They interact with the world. When the results catch them off-guard, they engage more in pursuit of understanding. (That is until they learn to mimic blame-shifting behaviour, which in itself is an acquired skill.)

Explanation is a distorted worldview we have been taught to accept. It’s so rife that we assume it as the default setting. It’s certainly much easier to explain your deviation from the norm than to understand it, learn from it, assimilate it and apply it to future engagements.

Learning requires me to reject passivity, accept responsibility, and grow. On a positive note, learning is addictive because it’s so natural. You don’t have to add anything, you just need to take off the lenses you don’t need.

Try it. You might just see more clearly than ever.

Worst case, you learn something.

Ryan Wilson

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