The final frontier awaits us. Space.

It embodies our unquenchable thirst for expansion. We strive for bigger, more. Bigger and more consume increadible amounts of resources. Sustaining it over time requires sacrifices few are willing to bear. The allure of the unknown draws us still.

While we spend so much time looking outward, beyond ourselves. How well have we stewarded that which is already within our realm of understanding?

The motives are clearly not exploration.

The question is, at a grand scale, can we deem ourselves successful conquering other world’s, if we do not even understand the world we never needed to conquer?

Start-ups get taught the same behaviour. Expansion is the purpose. We must create, scale and conquer.

While doing all this outward looking, it will pay to look inward, and understand what you have, and how you can use it better. Expansion is easier when you get full value from existing resources.

Usually, we stop when we have what we think is enough. If that’s the criteria, why spend the enough to get more elsewhere?

Sasha Freemind

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