We are all competing for attention. You want your work, products, business or expertise to be noticed and appreciated.

So does everybody else.

You could shout louder. This will bring you into the consciousness of more people. Uninvited, and unwelcome. You will spend plenty of money and secure diminishing returns. How many ads do you remember from your childhood, memorable ones? How many of those products have you purchased?

Your shouting does not make you relevant to me.

You could do great work and hope people find you. Many non-profits are in this space. They do great work. They make a difference. They serve. They improve our world. We don’t know it. Or perhaps we know of them, but don’t understand their impact or relevance.

You could spend time and effort to create ways to engage with your unique and passionate audience. This is an audience that understands your relevance. They don’t have to be big. They are powerful.

They are better able to expand your relevance because they understand it. They will expose others who will appreciate your relevance. They will be passionate crusaders on your behalf.

They will be invited and welcome.

Marketing serves to secure the future of the organisation.

This is a function of relevance, not sales.

Markus Spiske

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