With the blistering pace of technological innovation, systems are constantly increasing in the sophistication of its prediction and interpretation.

As this ability is applied in more and more contexts, the human interface/replacement question is becoming more complex and more relevant than ever. We are confronted with questions we have never had to think about before. The way we approach them has serious implications for the future of our societies and the value of expertise and education.

If we are honest, in most applications currently, systems and programming are not able to replace or duplicate experience in complex decision making. Instead of an either/or approach, the question becomes one of system/user integration.

The augmented reality solution is appealing and challenging. It’s not just about what can be augmented, but what augmentations enable a more effective application of experience.

The airline industry, in particular, is faced with this challenge. Many industries will follow.

Cricket as a sport has evolved with new technology while maintaining and involving the experience of the match official in a phenomenal blend of augmented decision making.

It’s a great leap forward.

Technology is not standing still. These interim solutions help provide guidelines and use cases. The complexity will continue to increase. Can we manage the uncertainty in the interim? Complexity mixed with uncertainty creates chaos.

It makes sense, as a tech solutions provider in this space, to resolve complexity without creating uncertainty. In order to achieve this, our sales approach should incorporate a solution to the potential uncertainty our solution might create.

My name is Yanick

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