It’s ok to visit there every once in a while.

The important thing is why. Are we there to throw out the trash? The trash in our thinking, our company, our self-speak or our perspective. If so, it’s a trip with a purpose that sheds unnecessary weight and allows us to face the future light and nimble.

Sometimes someone else takes us there against our will. These are the more challenging trips since we did not plan it and therefore, from our perspective, it serves no purpose.

Sure, we should consider and learn from the chain of events that took us to a destination we did not intend. While you are there, make the trip worthwhile. Give it purpose.

You always do. The default is negative. It undermines our capacity and questions the value of our product, value or ability.

A positive purpose, as with all trips and creations, rarely happens by accident, no matter how we got there.

Hermes Rivera

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