It’s the obvious value. It’s visible. It’s easy.

We don’t have to invest any time to understand it. We can easily determine it, manage it and mitigate its risks. As a result, so can everyone else. Your unique value proposition does not come from what is common. In fact, understanding the face value secures your right to entry. It’s the minimum requirement.

The insight to identify and define synergy value is the unique value you bring. The ability to spot opportunities to increase the face value in ways that most people miss.

This finds expression in your products, your business, even your treatment and development of people.

Fortunately, it’s an acquired skill. It can be learned.

It requires a commitment to look deeper. To appreciate the cover and the surface value, but seek opportunities beneath the surface that others seem to miss. The beauty is that you are uniquely positioned to do so.

Only you know what you know.

You understand synergies for which others don’t know to look.

It’s powerful on its own. It’s revolutionary in a team.

Heather Zabriskie

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