It’s an income statement, not a balance sheet. It is a measure of work over a period of time rather than a reflection of the current state of affairs.

By implication, high-quality is not a switch we turn on and off. Instead, it’s an indication of a state of mastery. This is true in every area of life. Musicians improve the quality of their ability. Painters produce works of ever-increasing quality. We cannot unlearn or park the skills we have gained with experience.

To expect this is ludicrous. To sell it is an indictment to your ability.

It stands to reason, that as a provider of a product or service, even an intangible one, my quality is not determined by the size of the contract.

In the same vein, to ask for a discount is like asking me to decrease the value of my output. Like I will know less or take into account fewer factors in my delivery.

Perhaps what you wanted was a less qualified provider.

Nick Fewings

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