Or competition.

Such is the reality of a business with a purpose for impact.

When the intention is to make money, enter Michael Porter and his chariot drawn by 5 forces. The competition continues to grow until profit is marginalised unless barriers to entry exist.

When the intention is to improve the lives or experiences of our customers and the world and that purpose is sponsored by those same people, we have no competition.

We compete for profits. When we compete for purpose it means everyone is pulling in the same direction with the same end goal in mind. We might as well do it together. In fact, it would be to the benefit of our customers (receivers of said purpose) if we did.

Purpose-driven businesses (by impact not profit) are subject to different rules. We measure by different investment criteria. We analyse threats and opportunities differently. We understand that they do not have any competitors.

Purpose is the one variable for which industrial age analysis does not account. It is also the one main ingredient in responsive business and a key component in the risk analysis of one of the world’s greatest investors.

Turns out it’s a good place to start.

Jonatan Pie

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