They are not mutually inclusive.

With businesses, as with people, you can be old without being mature. It seems counter-intuitive. After all, maturity comes with the wisdom that we collect over time as we are exposed to wide-ranging experiences.

This is true. The only thing that guarantees is that we are old and experienced. It does not guarantee maturity or wisdom. For that, we must go a step further into intentionality. Up to this point, my business or I could meet the criteria by coasting through time in markets that happened to be favourable and experiences that came across my path.

Maturity is something that we work at. It’s a consequence of validated learning. Experiences and time investigated for the hidden value that will better prepare us for the future.

Achieving old age is applaudable and praiseworthy. It could also just be a genetic or economic lottery that spun in your favour.

Maturity is earned through the hard work of validating assumptions and harnessing wisdom for future use.

Dietmar Becker

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