Guardrails function not to restrict but to protect. It indicates the edge of the motorway and helps you stay on it, specifically in dangerous or tricky areas. It’s also preemptive in nature. It is installed at precarious areas of the road to avoid fatalities and damage.

The funny thing is, we hardly notice them. On our daily commute, they pass by beneath the realm of consciousness. That is until you need it. Then we are ever grateful it was there.

It’s helpful to create similar guardrails for our decision making. When we are of clear mind and more logical, we set up preemptive guiding principles for specific decisions where external factors influence our ability to be logical in the moment.

No one ever plans to drink and drive, or abuse drugs, or make silly investments, or buy that couch you don’t need. It’s the pressure of the environment, the salesperson or our inebriation that stacks the deck.

We do not plan on being involved in motor vehicle accidents, yet statistics suggest you will be at least twice in your lifetime. Would be nice to have a guardrail around.

Chances are, you are involved in many more decision accidents than you realise.

Time to identify and preempt.

Elly Filho

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