We have become so used to fantastic opportunities or great stories as bait to lure us into sinister situations that we filter it out. We have a default ‘to junk’ setting. It’s not intentional. It’s a defense mechanism.

We implement it to avoid the confusion and pain false hope presents.

What we don’t realise is that it perpetuates pessimism. Over time it makes us numb to the possibility of the really great, the ludicrously fantastic, the wonderfully unfathomable. It enforces mediocrity.

It only makes sense if it’s similar, or slightly better than what we know. Anything else is either propaganda or a scam.

When we walk around with these filters, soon that is all we see.

If your idea or business is ‘too good to be true’, be mindful not to propose it to people stymied by limited filters.

If you have not recently encountered something that completely surprised you, perhaps you are one of them.

Kevin Bhagat

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