The first question is ‘why’. It establishes purpose. The answer proclaims the driving force, the potential impact, the validity and value system. It’s critical. We cannot properly evaluate or discern until purpose is clarified.

The second question matters just as much. It aims to define. It provides scope, unlocks understanding. It fills the gap between purpose and execution. We must ask ‘what’.

What does this purpose we aim to achieve consist of? What elements are included in the make-up? What are the core competencies required to pull it off? What is the process flow to successfully deliver on purpose?

The clearer we are able to define the ‘what’ the better equipped we are to implement the ‘how’ successfully.

Sometimes in our excitement of discovering the ‘why’ we accept that the ‘what’ is already included.

The abundance of unfulfilled purpose suggests this is not the case.

Florian Klauer

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