We prefer to implement models. It creates a sense of comfort. Certainly much more comfort than the alternative, the unknown. Models have their limits. There are so many of them, and they do not all agree.

Business models often conflict when the purpose of the business is ill-defined or in transition. If we consider that the model we choose does not define the organisation, but rather the purpose of the organisation determines which model we choose.

The model is not the point.

We first define the purpose of the organisation. Then we decide which model best supports where this organisation is in the expression of its purpose.

This is unfortunate since most of the time we use models to avoid the hard work of thinking through the problem. After all, this problem is not unique, no need to invest the cognitive effort into work we have done before.

The danger with this approach is that it’s true.

Until it’s not.

Alvaro Reyes

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