We place a high premium on academic prowess. Usually, this is determined by a combination of the marks you achieved for the course you studied and the quality of the institution at which this was obtained.

In reality, this is a measure of your ability to memorise content for the purposes of writing an exam. To some extent, your grasp of the involved subject matter and the indicative inductive capacity (ability to apply the knowledge in non-rehearsed settings) and at a stretch could be an indication of your commitment and dedication to a task or project.

On these criteria, society decides to measure you for the rest of your career. These arbitrary metrics become a defining ‘tag’ on your potential for a significant stretch into the future.

We test and treat all people the same, on these limited metrics. We do not take into account your personal circumstances at the time, whether you were working full time trying to provide for a family, possibly even multiple jobs. We do not recognise that by the time you are done studying half of what you know is no longer current, nevermind 1o years down the line.

This makes sense if you intend to enter one of the professions.

Even in that case, one-dimensional measurement should be appreciated for what they are – we don’t judge investment opportunities on Income Statements alone.

Annie Spratt

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