It happens more often than you think.

When you work late nights, drink more coffee than usual, exercise less and don’t pay attention to your diet, your immune system is put under pressure. It does not have sufficient resources to keep the body going. Viruses slip in.

Worst of all, this usually happens right before the big pitch, year-end, or some other high-pressure occurrence. It makes sense since these high-pressure situations are what caused the change in behaviour that created the snowball in the first place.

The same thing happens to your business. The high-pressure situations include:

  • periods of significant strategic rejuvenation,
  • periods of growth,
  • periods of cash flow pressure.

When our business enters these phases we get so caught up in managing the crises that we lose sight of keeping the engine healthy.

The end result is that we pile operational problems on top of strategic and financial ones.

The alternative is to identify these periods of high pressure early and start taking preventative vitamins to avoid the operations falling over.


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