defines the range of your potential solutions.

When we ask, “What can I do to earn a living?” I will come up with a range of possible answers. Many of these will present entrepreneurial opportunities for me to pursue. If I am able to answer this question successfully, I might become my own boss.

The question, “What can I do to make the world better?” will also present a large range of possibilities. Many will be entrepreneurial and most will present the opportunity to be your own boss.

The difference then is not in the question or the outcome. The difference lies in the impact we make because of the approach we follow. The first question does not challenge my capacity. It does not inspire me to think bigger. It does not require me to stretch my interpretation of the possible.

The second question creates space for the unlikely. It encourages discussions with others who have similar dreams but different abilities. It expands the realm of the possible. It channels innovation into a direction. It offers intent in a world of chaos.

Sometimes we prefer small questions because the answers seem more manageable.

What if I was brave enough to ask the big questions?

What if it worked?

Jakob Owens

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