Crutches are useful for the displacement of weight when our ability to bear it is compromised. It facilitates the healing process of the compromised limb through rest.

Initially walking with crutches is uncomfortable. Our arms are weak and our hands get blisters from the new source of constant friction. Over time we get stronger.  The irritability dissipates and a new normal is formed. If we don’t keep this in check, we delay healing on the limb because we procrastinate putting weight back on.

Doing so creates the exact same experience. A weak and painful limb must now be retrained for service. The uncomfortable process starts again.

Far too often we choose to live with the crutches instead. Physically we are unlikely to do so. Probably because everyone else can see it, and we would be met with questions, apathy and disdain.

Things that are less obvious are much easier to keep carrying around. Unhealthy emotions, coping mechanisms, underdeveloped competency and character cracks are hauled along and constantly used as an excuse for underperformance.

Perhaps it’s time to step on the leg.

If you struggle with motivation, get some accountability.

It will hurt now, and you will be better for it.

Marco Ceschi

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