It’s a culture that celebrates the dignity of every person. It focuses on the value created. It highlights the benefits of diversity as expressed by each individual that makes up the intricate canvass that is your business.

It breaks down negative cycles and opens our minds to solutions and possibilities. It captures and cements learnings, especially when we practice it in the aftermath of failure. We learn to recognise silver linings and forward momentum.

It’s easy to implement too. All we have to do is find an authentic leader that is comfortable enough to let go of control, and foster potential instead. A leader that is willing to create environments for others to flourish, even if they do not get the credit. It asks for selfless people that do not feel the need to hog credit but appreciate the fulfilment if giving credit to someone else.

It’s strange how easily we give away credit when we get credit from others without a fight.

Cultures that use credit as a tool to measure performance makes credit scarce. This places a premium on credit and encourages behaviour that pursues the scarce commodity relentlessly. When value is appreciated as common practice, we feel free to give credit, because we no longer have to prove our worth.

Sure, the value system needs to self-correct for those who take advantage. In the grander scheme of things, the 97% who thrive will far outweigh the 3% who take advantage for the short time it takes the culture to work them out.

Perhaps the greatest investment we can make, in ourselves, our staff and our businesses, is to create a culture that activates purpose, dignity and value in the hearts of those with whom we work.

After all, for the amount of time we spend together, I’d prefer it to be a blast.

Kyle Glenn

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