The business you built from the ground up with blood sweat and tears shares your DNA. It shares your strengths and weaknesses. It the product of your vision and hard work.

You are the creator that breathed life into this business. You are also one of the primary risks. Your business is not meant to be a duplication of you. It’s meant to be much more. As a founder, you impose limitations on the business. All the thought-provoking ideas and genius that brought you this far is stuck in your head. It’s tacit intelligence. That leaves with you.

It offers very little inherent value. That is until you transfer it.

When we transfer our tacit intelligence into the business, we create value. We translate all the knowledge, key learnings and experiments into the very fabric of our business; process intelligence.

Until the happens, the business will never be more than the founder, because it only knows what the founder knows. Once we translate intelligence, an organisation is formed. A living organism that learns, adapts and grows.

We activate transcendence.

Initially, a founder is there to forge a new path in darkness. Once that’s done, the job becomes to light it up so the founder is no longer needed.

Transcendence is key to sustainability.

You can back a person, but organisations are much more resilient.

Great founders are great because their organisations always transcend them.

Shannon Rowies

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