You might not agree with the tribe.

This leaves you with two choices:

1. Change your tribe. Find a new tribe, a new customer base, a new cookie monster client. Find the group you can connect with and add value to.

Move to a group where your value is appreciated and they encourage and equip you to reach for the future you envision. It’s hard work changing tribes. Finding a tribe where your purpose finds its full expression is certainly worth the risk. It comes at a cost.

2. Change your mind. Find a way to reconcile your envisioned future with the direction your tribe has chosen. Play your part for the collective good. Support, encourage and develop. Invest your energy to improve the outcome of the choice as best you can. Not by fighting it, but by making it better.

There is a third alternative: Passivity. The pessimistic sideline where you criticise the choices you did not agree with, but do nothing to make it better. It’s the lazy option.

It helps now one.

It’s also not a lot of fun. But it is a choice.

Arnaud Jaegers

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