Your story is as unique as your journey. But every story has a mountain. A burden you must bear, a challenge you must overcome, a tragedy you must face or a pain you must conquer.

Mountains are hard. We do not conquer them with dignity. They push us beyond our means. They rip off our masks and expose our squishy underbelly. We are encouraged to circumvent them. We plan our routes to avoid them at all cost.

Great stories do not start with ‘that time I found an easier way around the mountain’. Great stories are written in the depths of despair when the only way out is through.

Your mountain is yours. It’s not like anyone else’s. Only you have the opportunity to tell your story. Only you can show us how to climb the mountain you climbed.

You have to choose. You must commit to conquering your mountain or walk circles around it for the rest of your life. Those who have yet to conquer a mountain do not know the experience that awaits you at the top.

But once you’ve been there, your story is no longer only unique, it is also powerful. It can help others to step up.

Write your story. Then tell it, from the top.

Kalen Emsley

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