Some innovations break the mould. They redefine what we believe as possible. They challenge our frameworks of reality. They also tend to fail.

Incremental innovation has been far more successful. The gradual progress of a truly revolutionary idea. It gives consumers and infrastructure time to catch up. The quantum leaps tend to be restricted to early adopters. To gain scale, a far more measured approach is required.

This does not entail dumbing down the innovation or launching a mediocre version initially. It requires stepping stones. You don’t have to innovate incrementally. Some ideas are just that big, that radical. Their success requires a significant redesign, a paradigm shift.

You customers, the market and the industry need the introduction to be incremental. As a species, we are not good with change. It creates risk and uncertainty. All the things we spend our lives trying to avoid or decrease. Just help us walk the road you did coming up with this radical idea. Help us let go. Help us appreciate the brilliance of this new perspective.

Build bridges for us to cross to the idyllic island you stumbled upon.

Everaldo Coelho

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