That exactly what it feels like. Extra, additional, over and above. In this case, it’s effort. It requires time and attention. It asks for sacrifice. How do I justify increasing discomfort for something that is not required? Worse of all is even if I did it, it would likely go unnoticed.

Seems like a bad trade.

I should consider that extra effort only seems extra because it’s out of spec. It’s beyond the expectation of the client. Not because they do not want it, but perhaps because they did not even know to ask. It seems silly to reduce the quality of my output because a client does not know the value I am able to add.

I should remind myself that extra effort is less about meeting requirements to satisfy customers and more about opportunities to improve myself. It challenges my skill, my thinking, my output. The result is far more valuable than a happy customer. I have earned the ability to make many more customers happy.

Even though extra effort goes largely unnoticed, the people who do notice are worth the extra effort.

Like the clip on your earphones that keep the two earpieces together. They prevent the wires from tangling.

Someone thought of that, and I love them for it.


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