It seems ridiculous to reduce the essence of life to a mathematical construct. It’s a complex, intertwined, experiential process that is as unpredictable as it is valuable.

Everything we believe and understand is first interpreted through a construct. A collection of rules and sequences that translates inputs (experiential and sensory) into useful data. Most of our constructs are sub-conscious and inaccurate. They are filled with bias, idiosyncrasies, and inconsistency.

It is useful to re-evaluate these tape recordings and align them more accurately to what we really believe to be fundamentally true. To investigate the existing construct and intentionally redesign it into a useful, logical (mathematical) construct.

Your construct might look different from mine. It should.

How powerful could that construct be if it does not merely ‘happen’ to you?

What if you could create direction and impact with helpful definitions that bring your value to life?

If you are not running the code, you are not in control of the program.

Gilly Stewart

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