It’s the season when it seems not much is happening. It’s hibernation. It’s go slow. What felt like progress before, with excitement and promise now feels like hard work and diminishing returns.

We like the spring and summer. It arrives with a sense of accomplishment and new possibilities. Growth, capacity and progress are all visible. Hope springs forth and so does a sunny disposition.

Winter is hard work. It’s when we push our roots deeper. We optimise, we refine, we increase capacity. We reposition, we equip and we evolve. There’s no glory, accolades or praise for work below the surface.

Until there is.

Winter work sets you up for the best summer you have ever had. It brings attention, performance and investment.

When your summers start to look the same, perhaps your winters have been unappreciated or misunderstood.

eberhard grossgasteiger

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