They are intended to be functional rather than fluffy. They denote the level of responsibility. They indicate decision-making capacity and span.

They should be accepted with respect and treated for the weight they place on the shoulders of the bearers. They can easily become accolades and prizes indicating privilege and influence. The titles indicate the weight I get to throw around and the kinds of hell I can unleash.

It’s important to remember the intention of titles. They were created in service of others. They denote positions of sacrifice and the level of accountability the bearer should accept when all hell breaks loose.

My credentials confirm whether my competence is sufficient for the title.

My ability to act in accordance with the gravitas of my office is the measure of my character.

Titles should be conferred not as a measure of the one or the other.

If we insist on doing so,  responsibility and privilege should be adjusted accordingly.

Samuel Zeller

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