When we match the natural frequency at which something vibrates or resonates, like a building or a bridge, the amplitude of the movement increases. This could push the structure beyond its limits causing it to topple over.

It is for this reason soldiers break stride when crossing bridges.

Operating in sync can be a highly destructive force. When we seek to achieve uniformity we run the risk of sameness. This amplifies blind spots and curbs innovation.

Breaking step requires us to manage the chaos. To appreciate the difference of varying perspectives, backgrounds and expertise, and harmoniously infuse them into an orchestra of performance.

It challenges us to understand the capacity and unique value of each instrument. Instead of limiting ourselves to what we know and understand completely, we challenge ourselves to appreciate the beauty in what we do not understand. Let’s embrace the opportunities offered by including the abstract in the presentation of the whole.

The alternative is to become really efficient in one mode of execution.

It will serve you well as long as you do not plan on crossing bridges.

Siddharth Singh

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