Is not always a show. The qualifier ‘greatest’ is determined by the customer, not the showman. It’s irrefutably linked to the perception of the purchaser.

It stands to reason that every business is in the show businesses. The greatness of that show is defined by what the customer experiences as great. Would you appreciate a restroom attendant bursting into song and dance as you sit down in your stall? In an experiential theatre perhaps, but not as a rule. Your requirements are only that it should be sanitary and in working order. Expensive finishes might be a nice touch.

We can offer bespoke, differentiated products at higher prices justifying the smaller market, or we can sell to the masses. Both work. In either case, I must first understand the experience expected from the people I hope to serve. Once I understand what they need it should be my life’s purpose to deliver on it.

Most companies believe their call centres are performing well. The reality is, the stats improve because most people would rather deal with the product frustrations than the hassle of having to fix it. Companies don’t improve because their competitors are doing the same mediocre thing.

What if the customers have an alternative? What if a competitor redesigns the journey? Bucks the trend and offers tailored, individualised, super service?

Don’t sign to me on my call, don’t upsell some other extra nonsense if you can’t even serve me well with my existing product. Drop all the bells and whistles and make my life easier. In fact, solve the problem before I have to spend my time fixing something that really should not be my problem in the first place.

Or don’t, and leave the market open for an enterprising competitor that understands the greatest show is not your glossy brochure, but the experience you offer. The greatest crime is not that you take my money, but that you waste my time.

Rob Laughter

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