Our default sunny disposition is prone to drop us in over our heads sometimes. We all have a natural positivity bias. We believe we are much better at things than we are ( like driving). We also believe that things we have never done before (and thus lack a frame of reference to judge accurately) will be much easier than reality suggests.

The question is, where do you draw the line? Where is your breaking point? When do you look back at the point of no return? You won’t know. The journey, task or dream you pursue will be tougher than you think. You are faced by seemingly insurmountable odds.

Fortunately, you are also tougher than you think. You have no frame of reference by which to gauge your grit until you are faced with dire straights for which you were ill-prepared. Usually, we attempt to avoid uncomfortable situations that push us to our limits.

It’s great then that we have a positivity bias that dips us, unwittingly, into situations that force us to discover the vastness of our capacity. Our naivety gets us into trouble. The kind of trouble that stretches our comfort zone and helps us grow.

Whatever task you are about to brave, know this, it will be tougher, take longer, and suck more energy than you can think or plan.

You are capable of more.

Miriam Miles

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