Explosive power. The ability to exert maximum force in a short time interval. Plyometrics conditions our muscles for maximum output in a quick burst.

The goal here is responsiveness. Having power on tap is useful in sports and activities that are unpredictable, non-repeatable or short. Basketball or downhill skiing are great examples.

Business is faced with a VUCA environment. It’s a combination of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. Such an environment calls for responsiveness rather than prediction. You need to ‘train’ your business for explosive power. Every response is a project, a non-repeatable event where time is against you.

Your success depends on how quickly you are able to execute.

Projects consist of a collection of repeatable events. We train each of the repeatable activities until we can do them without additional cognitive load. Opening a door, activating a vehicle indicator, pulling up a chair, are all repeatable activities we execute every day without giving it any thought. These activities are included in every major project we run, every meeting we attend, and every deal we close.

Training our business for explosive power requires that we identify our repeatable events and train them into the fiber of our culture. Soon, we can execute without thinking, and increase our capacity to deal with change.

A responsive business is not a one-time achievement. It’s a commitment to consistent improvement and ongoing training.

It’s a culture.

Denny Luan

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