The desire to do so is a powerful driving force. We strive to resolve the tension. The structure of music is defined by the creation and resolution of tension. Infants are able to determine whether or not a piece of music is finished by the age of four months. Partly because the tension that the frequencies create, gets resolved.

A life without tension is a micro possibility and a macro illusion. We can resolve certain pockets of tension. We can complete a project or finish listening to a song. Tension resolves. Then we commence a new project or listen to a new song.

We instinctively know that tension creates energy. It inspires us to resolution, whatever it takes.

It is far more useful to accept the reality that we cannot circumvent tension. Instead, we should increase our capacity to manage it. We can learn to live abundantly in the midst of tension while harnessing it to produce masterful resolutions that move onlookers to tears.

Our greatest achievements rise not from the absence of tension, but from its inspirational resolution.

This is how athletes train, how musicians communicate and how politicians garner support. It’s how we move forward. Embracing tension is your powerful step to making the world better.

Inspire us!

Aditya Wardhana

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