If we do not discriminate, we set ourselves up for failure. We cannot be all things to all people. Everyone is not my ideal customer. I do not design my product for everyone. I design it for the person who will appreciate the vision, purpose and mastery in my product.

This discrimination is to determine who fits my group, customer pool or fan base. It is not the same as excluding a certain segment due to prejudice or unjust bias.

Discrimination serves us when we use it to define and group things in useful ways. It harms us and others when we use it to arbitrarily group characteristics that have no collective or predictive value. It does not serve us when we use it to polarise society.

You have a responsibility to discriminate. To determine what fits and what does not. This is useful. It’s a skill we get taught from a young age. Does the giraffe fit with the shapes or the animals?

It’s the misapplication of this skill that is unacceptable.

You can serve your customer to your heart’s content. Design and tailor for them all you want. You should! When you target a customer base that can only be targetted because of their mutual hate, distrust or discrimination of another group in society, you become a parasite.

You might make some money, but at what cost? All parasites have one thing in common: none of their eco-systems wants them there.

You can’t blame the eco-system. It’s a consequence of the approach you chose.

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