Every product has a different set of characteristics that determine quality. In product life cycles these criteria evolve as our ability to offer quality increases. This happens often in newer products where the science is still developing our understanding.

There is a significant lag between when we discover the characteristics of quality and when the market adopts these in the purchase decision process.

During this lag time, customer education becomes a key differentiator.

This is a limited window of opportunity. Once the science is mature, and customer understanding is all caught up, quality loses it’s niche factor and becomes a price inflation consideration.

This is not always as a result of customer preference, but brand positioning.

Understand your product life cycle and the maturity of the underlying quality science.

When your customer knows less than you do, educate and differentiate. When your customer knows mots of what you do, up your game. A niche product is no longer enough, niche experience is necessary.

Why not be radical, and do both right out the gate.

Zane Lee

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